Wedding Bar

Wedding Bar

Congratulations if you are currently in the throws of wedding planning. We love a good wedding and our Yurtbar venues love hosting them too. Did you know that there are so many benefits of a separate bar area?

Let’s briefly discuss them…


A Yurtbar provides an area of extra space which is still part of your venue. This allows for maybe a few extra guests at the evening reception. It also frees up space within your main yurt, marquee or other venue area which can be utilised for seating or perhaps a live band.

Not everyone wants to be on the dancefloor or listening to music pumping away all night. The separate bar gives people opportunity to give their ears a break, and of course, enjoy a conversation they can actually hear!

Our showpiece bars are perfect for guests to enjoy a craft beer, fine wine or unique-to-your-wedding cocktail at your special day. Everyone will love to try a Mr & Mrs [Insert Married Name] cocktail!


We have a bar for every occasion so you and your guests can be propping it up all night. Get the drinks in!




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