Yurtbar Weddings

Yurtbar Weddings

There’s nothing quite like a good wedding. Seeing two people join together for the rest of their lives is magical. There’s romance in the air, a beautiful venue and lots of dancing to be done.


We’ve got a great idea for you. If you’re in the middle of wedding planning, why not consider a Yurtbar for your big day?


It’s the perfect place to head to after you’ve said ‘I do’, your first cocktail or glass of Champagne as a married couple. Whether you’ve decided to put some money behind it for your guests or not, cocktails, craft beer and fine wine will be flowing. Our professional staff and mixologists will help to entertain your guests.


Sometimes the photographs can take absolutely ages. It’s always good to have somewhere that friends and family can gather when they’re not needed for the photos. Having a drink in their hands will keep them happy!


Our range includes the biggest yurt in Europe (as far as we know). Our 50ft yurt really is something special and provides a fantastic backdrop to your big day. It can easily stand 350 people so it’s ideal for extravagant occasions. The structures are not just practical, they’re beautiful too. All our yurts are hand crafted to the highest standard with hardwood beams and solid oak doors The canvas is heavy grade natural canvas.


We can’t think of a better reason than your wedding to enjoy the best bar in the world. With great drinks, plenty of space and lots of selfies, your wedding will be one to remember, not only for that first kiss of yours, but for all the fun your friends and family have in the Yurtbar.

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